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Choosing the day: How an ALS patient grappled with when to take life-ending medication

How do you choose your last day on Earth? When George Gallegos was diagnosed with ALS, he found himself facing a grim future with a disease that slowly kills the muscles in a person’s body. But with the passing of Colorado's End of Life Options Act, he suddenly had a choice: to die from his disease or to take life-ending medication. NBC News spent the last three months of his life with him to capture the visible struggles of ALS and George’s inner conflict to decide his last day.

There’s a mental health crisis among doctors

Depression among doctors is more common than we may think, and it starts in medical school, says primary care physician Elisabeth Poorman. Dr. Poorman joined THINK to talk about the “cloud of silence” around mental illness in medicine and how it’s a byproduct of a dysfunctional healthcare system.